White Papers

White Papers

Informational reports exploring important issues in water system financial management


How to Fund Your Capital Projects

Improving public utility planning through data visualization, interactive storytelling, and better communication

Developing feasible funding plans for capital projects is challenging. Large-scale infrastructure work involves many interdependent factors and shifting costs. Their success is reliant on the collaboration of stakeholders from various backgrounds including finance, public works, or engineering, as well as elected representatives. And the traditional tools used for navigating these challenges are antiquated.

This white paper outlines several improvements to this process including continuous planning, scenario comparison, and interactive, visual models to facilitate better communication.

Continuous Utility Rate Management and Forecasting

Evolving periodic rate analysis to be a continuous utility rate management and forecasting process instead.

Featured in GFOA’s Government Finance Review

Few things are more contentious in local government than utility rates. Rates matter to customers because of the impact they have on household and corporate budgets. Typically, local governments conduct five-year studies to determine rates. These studies are time-consuming, difficult, and often expensive, and the resulting rate increases can evoke consumer surprise, shock, and anxiety. This paper focuses on how a community can better employ a process that brings digital intelligence into continuous utility rate management and forecasting.

Communicating Water Rate Changes

An Interactive Communications Planning and Implementation Guide

Effectively communicating rate changes is key to securing support for current and future decisions, and subsequently the long-term financial sustainability of your community. This interactive white paper informs on communications best practices and includes interactive worksheets to build out your own communications strategy.

Developing Cash Reserve Policies

A Guide for Water and Wastewater Utilities, and Other Infrastructure-based Organizations​

Cash reserves form a critical component of the financial sustainability and resilience of infrastructure-based organizations. Waterworth’s newest white paper drills down on the “how” and specifics of developing sound cash reserve policies. 

Funding Infrastructure Renewal for the Long-Term

Developing an Asset Replacement Schedule (ARS) and establishing Annual Contributions for Asset Renewal (ACFAR)

This paper is intended for use by organizations that own and maintain large-scale infrastructure. The purpose of this paper is to outline a process for funding infrastructure renewal for the long term. This paper was written with reference to several related documents and best management practices.