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Water Asset Management Conference

Panel Discussion – Utility Rates and Financial Impact of COVID-19 One Year Later
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This panel discussion at the Water Asset Management Conference brings various perspectives together to discuss utility finance, including the impact of COVID-19, capital planning, reserves, intergenerational equity, the importance of visual storytelling, and more. 


West Yost Associates and Waterworth

Funding your AWIA Risk & Resilience Plan​
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What good is knowing your risks if you don’t have funding plans to solve them?

JP Joly of Waterworth, Andrew Ohrt and Daniel Groves of West Yost, and Greg Baird of Water Finance Research Foundation discuss AWIA Risk and Resilience Assessments and Emergency Response Plans — but most important, how to fund them.

Using Waterworth’s web-based, dynamic modeling features, the speakers explore several short and long-term funding scenarios, and discuss important related topics like cash reserves and debt service coverage ratio.

Water Finance & Management Interview

Rate Setting, Rate Maintenance and Communication
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Original source: WF&M Conversations

Water Finance and Management managing editor, Andrew Farr, interviews Waterworth CEO and co-founder, JP Joly, about rate setting, rate maintenance and communication. 

Water and wastewater utilities are tasked with a multitude of financial challenges that can have enormous economic ramifications to the public.

With this in mind, how often should utilities look to raise rates? Can annual rate maintenance be done in a more efficient manner? And what about the importance of communication among stakeholders when it comes to setting affordable rates and taking a long-term approach to budgeting and financial planning?

Developing Cash Reserve Policies

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Hosted by JP Joly, CEO and co-founder of Waterworth. 

This webinar discusses Waterworth’s white paper: Developing Cash Reserve Policies.

Cash reserves are funds that are set aside for varying purposes. They form a critical component of the financial sustainability and resiliency of organizations. They are a time-tested risk mitigation strategy that demonstrates a willingness to be prudent stewards of the systems that form the foundations of infrastructure-based services delivered by municipal governments and private sector utilities. 

This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of cash reserves and drills down on the “how” of developing sound cash reserve policies. 

The Water Values Podcast

Tips for Avoiding Financial Heartburn for Your Utility​

The Water Values Podcast host, David McGimpsey, interviews Waterworth CEO and co-founder, JP Joly, about challenges water utilities face in being financially sustainable. JP delves into a wide array of financial issues affecting utilities, including modeling, cash reserves, intergenerational equity, and infrastructure cost issues. 

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Based on Waterworth’s three-part blog series, “Raising Rates to Protect Vulnerable Rate Payers”, in this webinar, the Waterworth team and a mid-sized public utility will discuss how to analyze equity in your utility’s rate structure and the opportunity to use cross-class subsidies to protect vulnerable rate payers.


A real-world municipal application of these practices demonstrates how a dynamic, cloud-based financial modeling and rate-setting tool allows you to implement these changes with ease, empowering you to increase revenue, improve your cash position, and protect your most vulnerable constituents now and over the long-term.

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