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Waterworth Clients

Hundreds of communities in 49 states and provinces across North America that manage over $30B in water and sewer infrastructure are becoming financially sustainable. When they describe their experience with Waterworth, the most frequent thing they say is “it’s easy!
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Case Studies

Western Springs, Illinois

Between aging infrastructure, difficulties communicating needs to stakeholders, and insufficient rates, the Village needed to find a solution that could ensure they provided satisfactory services.

Moline, Illinois

The City needed significant water rate increases, while navigating a hesitant council, and abiding by new, strict EPA lead & copper guidelines.

St. Cloud, Minnesota

In their first year of using Waterworth, St. Cloud built and approved a sustainable plan to achieve its financial and conservation goals for the next decade.

Leon Valley, Texas

The City of Leon Valley struggled to catch up from a history of insufficient rates and a backlog of aging infrastructure. Now they have an easy-to-understand visual representation of where rates need to be to...

Madras, Oregon

Consultant reports left city staff aware of their revenue needs, but with no plan to meet them. Waterworth helped Madras develop a clear workplan that council members could get on board with.

Granby, Colorado

This small town had been playing catch up after struggling to assess the true cost of water service for many years. Waterworth has helped educate the Town’s Board through illustrating the system’s needs which, in...

Midland, Ontario

Within 48 hours, Midland had established a preliminary cost recovery model, and within a week they had developed multiple revenue scenarios and were ready to present to council.