Help us support the Mustard Seed Food Bank

Waterworth takes on a series of painful challenges to help the 50,000 food insecure individuals of Greater Victoria


Waterworth's Challenge

As we collect donations for the Mustard Seed Food Bank and draw closer to our goal of our $5000, the Waterworth team pledges to complete a series of weird, painful, and funny (for everyone else) challenges. We’ll also film each challenge and release a hilarious video of our suffering to all donors.

Each milestone gets weirder and more painful, all culminating in Kirk Stinchcombe getting a Waterworth tattoo! Help us reach our goal by donating to this worthy cause by December 2nd, 2019.


Clothes inside out for one day

To start off the suffering, our first challenge will have the team wearing all of their clothes inside out for an entire day. In and out of the office.

Guaranteed to make us the mockery of our building and ruin our street cred. 


Weird wigs for one week

Every day for one week, the entire Waterworth team will don these exact ridiculous wigs.

You've got sales calls? Gotta do it in the wig. Presentation? You guessed it, wig up.



Insanely spicy hot wings

This milestone will have the team chowing down on a pound of uncomfortably spicy hot wings.

No wimpy Tabasco or Frank’s for us. We’ll be tasting the hottest sauces we can find. 350,000 Scoville units or more. And then likely kill enough taste buds to never taste properly ever again.


Polar bear swim

After the hot wings maybe this won't be so bad...

On the other hand... We live in Canada, it will be December, and the average water temperature here is 7° Celsius, which you can last an average of 30-60 minutes in before losing consciousness. This isn't for the faint of heart.

polar swim2


10km run

As tech people, we may not be known as the most active group around. Okay technically we possess gym memberships... but only because those contracts are really hard to get out of!

We’re talking 10 kilometers here people! Mt. Everest is only 8.8 kilometers tall. Check it.


Kirk shaves his head

If that photo isn't motivation enough to hit this milestone, we don't know what is!

Someone get this man a hat.

Waterworth-38 (2)
Untitled-2 tattoo


Kirk gets a Waterworth tattoo

He's volunteered ladies and gentlemen. A permanent, unchangeable, everlasting, indefinite commitment. And while he's regretting this already, we're sure not letting him go back on his word.

Also... at this point Kirk's head will already be shaved, so...

The Mustard Seed Food Bank

The Mustard Seed Food Bank plays a large role in ensuring regional food security throughout Greater Victoria. Working tirelessly, the Food Bank collects, stores and distributes non-perishable and "rescued" perishable foods to individuals who need it most.

Help us support this worthy cause and reach our goal of $5000 by December 2nd, 2019.

Click the “Donate” button to navigate to VIATEC’s donation portal. Be sure to enter “Waterworth” in the “In Honor of” field. 
$2570 of $5000 raised

Thanks for helping us support the Mustard Seed Food Bank

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