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Gain total financial control over your water systems

Waterworth is a cloud-based platform that enables you to optimize water rates and save for infrastructure upgrades, so that you can achieve financially sustainable water and wastewater systems. Plus, it’s backed by professional support for when you need it.

Receive three months of free access to Waterworth’s online platform and support. See first-hand how Waterworth enhances the financial sustainability of your community.

How it Works

Full access

Unlimited access to all of Waterworth's features and professional support for three months. It's like having a rates consultant on call.

Quick and easy

In your very first session, the Waterworth team will work with you to build your baseline long-term financial model. From here, you're prepared to model a range of scenarios.

Data requirements are low

Start with easy to acquire information from last Fiscal Year (O&M expenses, revenues, cash and reserves, debt). Billing data is often not required.

No commitment to purchase

If you decide that Waterworth is not a good fit, there is no ongoing commitment and all user data is deleted.

What can Waterworth do for you?

Tell a better story

See the big picture with operating and capital costs, revenue and reserves all in one interactive dashboard.

Easily model and compare scenarios, to determine the best path forward. And when data is clearly visualized, recommendations become easy to communicate and understand.

Use data to drive better decisions

Make the right capital investments today based on projected infrastructure renewal and replacement costs.

Have confidence that you are investing enough annually to keep up with capital renewal, because everything costs more in an emergency.

Grow revenues sustainably

Expand water and wastewater revenues, even in decreasing-demand environments.

Easily compare individual rate changes, or changes in rate structure, and immediately see the impact on revenues and equity.

Professional support that’s tailored to you

Our team has been working with small and medium-sized communities for over 15 years, helping them gain financial control of their water and wastewater systems so that they can set a sustainable trajectory for decades to come. Because who doesn’t like to be in control?

Not your usual technical support — Waterworth partners with your community to achieve your goals.


Analyze impacts to revenue due to COVID-19

Prepare for loan and grant applications

Uncover opportunities to reduce costs

Account for new costs or changes in costs

Model rate changes, impacts on revenue and affordability

Identify the best use of reserve funds and evaluate existing reserve policy

Explore future borrowing scenarios and capital funding options

Lean on professional support for knowledge and guidance

Get a first-hand look at why more than 90 communities across North America trust Waterworth to manager over $20B in assets.

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