Frequently Asked Questions

Waterworth is a cloud-based solution for continuous utility rate management and forecasting that’s backed by professional support and advising, without the need for expensive consultants.

Waterworth helps you make sense of your utility finance data. Unlike Excel, it can’t be broken with complex formulas. And unlike a static rate study, Waterworth’s dynamic and visual models can be updated at any time—by you. No need to contact a specialist and wait weeks for an update to your financial model.

Your information is securely stored on Microsoft Azure. Azure sets the industry standard for cloud security, reliability and transparency. US data is stored in the United States, Canadian Data is stored in Canada. Contact us for further data management and security documentation. 

You do not need to install any software. Waterworth is cloud-based and accessed through your browser. We recommend Google Chrome. 

Book a demo to see the platform live and speak to a Waterworth representative. We’ll discuss your unique utility finance challenges, and explore if Waterworth is a good fit for solving them.

Typically it takes 1-2 hours to onboard data, build an accurate baseline financial model and understand how the platform works.  This is done together with Waterworth’s support team.

Depending on your access to data, or the detail that you get into, that can be slightly more or less. After that, we often see users coming back to Waterworth a few times to add more information, upload asset inventory, etc. 

The set up process is quick and streamlined. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable using Waterworth, accessing our support, and have a plan to achieve your organizational goals. 

Every system is a bit different, but essentially Waterworth uses some actuals from your financial statements to get started with a model.

Need to have:

  • List of itemized or grouped Operating Expenses
  • Any planned Capital improvement/expansion expenditures
  • Current and planned debt servicing
  • Revenues (Itemized or Grouped)
  • Opening balances of cash and reserves

Good to have:

  • Capital Plan (5 year)
  • Master Water Plan (10-15 yr)
  • Asset inventory
  • Population Data
  • Billing Data

Contact us for more details or data templates. 

Costs vary depending on population size and number of service areas. Waterworth operates on an annual subscription, which often falls under more municipalities’ RFP threshold. Book a demo for more information on what price range your community falls under.

All pricing packages include unlimited professional support. This includes 1 on 1 coaching with all included tools, onboarding of financial model data, assistance with presenting recommendations to elected officials, and more. 

Our experts are available through phone, chat, Zoom, and email.

We also host an open user group session on the last Friday of every month. This allows you to drop in with questions and to learn best practices. It’s also an opportunity to speak with other Waterworth users to collaborate and share experiences. 

The Long Term Financial Model (LFM) can be set for any amount of years. The default is 25, but you can view up to 80. Click and drag within any model to zoom to a certain length of time.

Any time you add or take away a value in Waterworth, the change will automatically save directly to the server.

You can host an unlimited number of users on your account—meaning everyone from team members and interdepartmental staff, to third-party contractors, even elected officials, can have access to your models if you so choose. There are also features to ensure individual users’ analysis is protected from others. 

Yes, you can run an unlimited number of scenarios, including copying existing ones and adjusting numbers, without harming to original data. You can also lock and save scenarios to preserve them for future use, by yourself or others.

Waterworth was originally built for water, wastewater, and stormwater systems. However, we are pleased to introduce our sister product, Muniworth, for all your other municipal needs, including roads, hydro, general fund, marinas, airports, and many others. Learn more at www.muniworth.com, or contact us for more information.