Passionate about sustainability

We believe our customers are heroes. Public works directors and CFOs are the heroes who spearhead the changes needed to make our communities more sustainable. You’re doing the heaviest lifting — and we’re here to help you bear the load.

Kirk Stinchcombe


Kirk’s mission is to improve communities’ ability to handle current and future challenges in the water utility space. He has worked in the area of water management for over a decade, within governments and well as in advisory roles. Kirk spent much of the last decade in South East Queensland, where he was responsible for developing and delivering critical large-scale demand management projects as part of the response to the “Millennium Drought”. He has published and spoken internationally on topics related to water efficiency and sustainability, including leakage and pressure management, rainwater harvesting, water-use accounting, community-based social marketing and water pricing.

JP Joly


For more than 15 years, JP has worked side-by-side with water suppliers, building models and providing expertise to help local governments with asset management, long-term financial planning and utility-rate setting. JP also has enormous experience in water conservation planning, drought management planning, and emergency management planning. JP holds an honours degree in computer engineering from the University of Waterloo.


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