COVID-19 Financial Impact Model Offer

We're here to help.

To assist communities navigate this uncertain time, we are offering to help you create a free
 COVID-19 Financial Impact Model for your water, wastewater or general fund. 
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Protect Revenues

Gain a clearer picture of how anticipated changes in revenue will impact your utility's financial sustainability.

Model these changes to your water, wastewater or general fund with support from our financial management specialists.

Reduce Costs

Explore opportunities to reduce operational or capital costs within your organization.

See the effects of these changes to your overall cash position.


Prepare for the Future

Apply for grant and loan funding more easily by exporting analysis and financial models already created with Waterworth.

Protect your utility and community against future emergencies by better understanding areas of vulnerability.

Communicate More Effectively

Easy-to-understand visualizations allow you to have better conversations with your elected officials.

Get everyone on the same page about potential financial impacts and the best way to recover in the coming months and years.



Analyze impacts to revenue due to COVID-19

Prepare for loan and grant applications

Uncover opportunities to reduce costs

Account for new costs or changes in costs

Model rate changes, impacts on revenue and affordability

Identify the best use of reserve funds and evaluate existing reserve policy

Explore future borrowing scenarios and capital funding options

How It Works

It's simple. Just drop us a line and we'll get the ball rolling.
  1. Call us, email, or live chat
  2. New users receive free access to Waterworth for 3 months. 
  3. In 2 hours, we will help you build a baseline financial model. 
  4. With our support, use your model to explore different projected impacts of COVID-19. 
Waterworth's mission is to protect water systems and the communities that depend on them.