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Engaging and Educating Customers Through Proactive Communications

Engaging customers raises community awareness of the value of water, engenders trust and makes conversations about rate changes easier for customers to understand and accept … Read More

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The Ten Principles of Authentic Communication

The American Water Works Association identified these ten principles of authentic communication that are key to successful water utility communication programs regardless of size or location … Read More

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Community Cost Comparison: Your Best Tool for a Tenable Rate Case

The new Community Cost Comparison tool gives you the ability to visually compare your municipality‚Äôs water and wastewater rates, both against other communities and across billing classes within your own community … Read More

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Communications Basics for Water Service Providers

A well-thought out communications strategy is important, but if you don’t follow these best practices when creating your content, chances are your messaging will fall flat … Read More

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3 Steps to Communicating a Rate Change to Your Customers

Whenever a water utility introduces a change in rates or rate structure, that change must be communicated to the community. Here are your 3 steps towards building a successful communication plan … Read More

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