Monthly blog posts on best practices in water system financial management.

Is a Seasonal Surcharge Right for You?

Now that summer is over, many water utilities will be recovering from the impact of increased demand during the year’s driest season. With that in mind, we explore seasonal surcharges and what to consider when setting them … Read More

The Importance of Cash Reserves

Private companies and larger city governments have long understood the importance of cash reserves to sound fiscal management. Small- and medium-sized towns and municipalities on the other hand … Read More

Water Rates and The Fiscal Cycle

We hear from prospective customers all the time that water rate reviews are time consuming, difficult, and often expensive. I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t have to be that way … Read More

The Great Rate Debate

Kids (and adults) around the world have loved Dr. Seuss for decades. Something about the way his stories-in-verse can turn nonsense into sense just can’t help but appeal to the imagination … Read More

The Politics of Setting Water Rates

As if figuring out how to fund a decades-old water system isn’t difficult enough, you also need to get your elected officials onside so the whole process doesn’t collapse under the weight of angry residents and rate payers … Read More

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