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3 Financial Foundations to Future-proof Your Utility

Here are some actions that cash- and staff-strapped utilities can take now to extend their financial runway and ensure viability for the future. … Read More

Impacts and Opportunities of COVID-19 for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Explore the important financial impacts and opportunities for water and wastewater utilities as a result of COVID-19, plus a free offer for financial impact modeling … Read More

How is a Water Rate Study Like a Dead Cow?

The Ford Motor Company revolutionize car manufacturing with the assembly line. The inspiration for this innovation came from an unlikely place … Read More

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Engaging and Educating Customers Through Proactive Communications

Engaging customers raises community awareness of the value of water, engenders trust and makes conversations about rate changes easier for customers to understand and accept … Read More

4 Steps to Asset Replacement Planning for Small Water Systems

The longer a municipality waits to invest in its infrastructure, the more costly replacements become. Small water systems should follow these four simple steps to get started on asset replacement planning … Read More

Community Cost Comparison: Your Best Tool for a Tenable Rate Case

The new Community Cost Comparison tool gives you the ability to visually compare your municipality‚Äôs water and wastewater rates, both against other communities and across billing classes within your own community … Read More

National Rural Water Association – Waterworth Pilot Project Status Update

The National Rural Water Association and Waterworth are working with 6 rural US water and wastewater service providers to develop more financially sustainable systems. Here is a brief update on their progress … Read More

COVID-19 Financial Impact Modeling

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