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3 Steps to Communicating a Rate Change to Your Customers

Whenever a water utility introduces a change in rates or rate structure, that change must be communicated to the community. Here are your 3 steps towards building a successful communication plan … Read More

The Importance of Cash Reserves

Private companies and larger city governments have long understood the importance of cash reserves to sound fiscal management. Small- and medium-sized towns and municipalities on the other hand … Read More

Water Rates and The Fiscal Cycle

We hear from prospective customers all the time that water rate reviews are time consuming, difficult, and often expensive. I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t have to be that way … Read More

RCalc software example

RCalc: Analyzing Water Rates Has Never Been Easier

When we first envisioned Waterworth, the idea was simple: Create an online tool that would allow water utility managers to do the work of rate analysis themselves … Read More

The Great Rate Debate

Kids (and adults) around the world have loved Dr. Seuss for decades. Something about the way his stories-in-verse can turn nonsense into sense just can’t help but appeal to the imagination … Read More

How to Achieve a Sustainable Capital Reinvestment Rate in Four Simple Steps

“Our revenues are barely enough to keep the taps running, let alone fund pipe replacement.” It’s the message I hear from municipal water managers almost every day. … Read More

Water Rate Management: Free Resources from the Alliance for Water Efficiency

An array of resources from the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) to help water system managers set rates, garner support from elected officials, and communicate rate increases to the public … Read More

Water Rate Consultants: Tomorrow’s Steam Train Engineers?

What is the future for consulting now that we have software that lets people do rates analysis themselves with ease and confidence? Are rate consultants tomorrow’s steam train engineers, fighting it out in a sunset industry? … Read More

Wanting To Increase Your Fixed Revenue Does Not Make You A Bad Person

I spend a lot of time talking to municipal CFOs and Public Works Directors all over North America. They’re increasingly concerned about revenue stability from year to year, and with good reason … Read More