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Empowering local government to deliver sustainable services and win back the public trust

What People Are Saying

“Its amazing how engaged our Board can be with our issues, and how quickly they now take big decisions.“
Wes Smith, CFO
Virgin Valley Water District, Nevada
Waterworth played a pivotal role in our recent water and wastewater rate analysis and the development of a new rate structure. We created a new structure focusing on equitability and sustainable revenue. Council received the information well and supported the proposed rates! Waterworth's contribution was instrumental in achieving our goals."
Nyla Attiana, CAO 
District of Tofino, BC
"We used to rely on consultants to give us data to make decisions. Now we can easily get it done ourselves."
Tony Loete, Utilities Director
City of Moline, Illinois

How it Works

Make better decisions for your community — today and for the future

Waterworth is a powerful continuous utility rate management solution that integrates different data to help you gain financial control of your water and wastewater systems.
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Use data to drive better decisions

Secure balanced funding

Align stakeholders & act faster

"I was expecting at least a little pushback from some council members but got absolutely none, as my scenario modeling made it clear the true cost of inaction."
Ryan Snow, City Manager
City of Providence, UT
"Waterworth is elevating us from short-term financial planning, all the way to inter-generational equity."
Jason Loveland, Finance Director
City of Northglenn, CO
"We adopted a 5-year asset management plan through Waterworth and received access to significant subsidization through the state."
Doug Arndt, Superintendent
Southington Water Company, CT

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